Proceedings of CECIL’S 2

Proceedings of the Second Central European Conference in Linguistics for Postgraduate Students

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Balázs Surányi

The Diachronic System of the Left Periphery of Subordinate Clauses in Hungarian

Júlia Bácskai-Atkári

I Incorporate Nouns of Various Structural Positions and Thematic Roles, Therefore I Am (The Verb)

Adina Camelia Bleotu

English learners’ perception of Czech palatal stops in high-front vs. other vowel contexts

Kateřina Braunová

On-line Chatting with People of Public Importance

Kateřina Danielová

Reported Speech and Reportative Grammaticalization in Besleney Kabardian

Ksenia Ershova

Icelandic vowel length and representational theories of phonology

Marcin Fortuna

Free choice and Focus: FCIs in Hungarian

Tamás Halm

Wondering about OARE: Is it a Q-particle for Romanian?

Rudmila-Rodica Ivan

Agreement Morphology in Early Serbian

Mirjana Mandić

Means of Coherence and Cohesion in Spoken and Written Discourse

Petra Martinková

Influence of  Liverpool Welsh on Lenition in Liverpool English

Hannah Paton

Polish coordination as adjunction

Anna Prażmowska

Some remarks on gender differences in Turkish colour vocabulary

Kaidi Rätsep

Acquisition of New L2 Sounds without Separate Category Formation

Nasir A. Syed

Perfect in Ingrian Finnish

Yulia Taran



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