Practical Info

On this page you can find some useful information to help you get around easily during your stay.

1. Emergency phone number

00 36 20 442 6948

Our student helper Lilla Pintér can be called in case you’re in an emergency during your stay.

(00 for international, 36 for the country code. You can use the same full number even if you call from a line within Hungary. If you prefer to use a landline within Hungary, those few public phones that still exist operate with phone cards, which can be purchased at newsagents kiosks, supermarkets etc.)

2. Money withdrawal and exchange

The currency of Hungary is called Forint (abbreviated in the international format as HUF). We suggest that you retrieve cash from an ATM with your card as soon as you arrive in Hungary. You can also safely exchange money at official exchange offices in the street, or at the train station, bus station or the airport. The ones at the airport are likely to be more expensive than those in the city.

There are two places on campus where you can withdraw money from your account. Two ATMs, one in the building “Ambrosianum” and one at the main gate (see the campus map), as well as at the post office on campus located next to the building “Questura” (open from Monday to Friday 9am-5pm).

You can exchange money at CIB Bank in Piliscsaba, the small town the campus is located at (Address: 1 Kinizsi Street, Piliscsaba, which is at the corner of Kinizsi and Bajcsy-Zsilinszky streets. Open: Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm, Friday 8am-3pm).

3. Some expenses

We list below the expenses you are likely to have:

A: Accommodation HUF 3900 (cca. EUR 13) per person per night +HUF 100 (cca. EUR 0.35 – tourism tax / night)

B: Single ticket for public transportation (bus, metro, tram etc.): 350 HUF/piece=1,40 EUR/piece. You can buy a pack of 10 tickets with some discount.

C: BUS ticket to the Faculty of Humanities campus (one way): cca. 580 HUF/piece = cca. 2 EUR/piece

E: Food

The amount you spend on food depends on too many things to give an estimate. However, we can give you some indicative prices here. Lunch in the cafeteria on campus: cca. 4-5 euros/day. A one-course dinner with a soft drink in the evening in a nearby restaurant: starting from 8 euros. One beer: about 2-2.50 euros. There is a cheap supermarket called ALDI across the road from the main entrance of the campus.

4. Campus and the surroundings

You’ll find info on how to get to the campus if you click Travel info in the menu.

The venue of the event is the central building on campus called “Stepheneum”, which has a dome-like roof (it’s the second building on you left if you enter the campus at the main entrance. See map of the campus HERE.) The dorm offering on-campus accommodation, called “Iosephinum”, is two minutes from this building, on the other side of the main road.

There is a cheap and relatively large supermarket right across the road from the main entrance of the campus, called ALDI.  All major cards are accepted here.

If you walk down the road towards the centre of Piliscsaba, there is a restaurant called “Szent Istvan” at ten minutes’ walk. There is also a guesthouse next to this restaurant.

5. The Dorm

The keys to your room can be picked up at the registration desk in the main hall of building Stephaneum (the school’s venue) between noon and 8pm on Wednesday, 21 August. (Each occupant of a double room will receive her/his own key.) If you arrive either earlier or later than that, then please ring Lilla Pintér, a student helper, who will have your keys: 0036 70 4134 576

The dorm is to be found at one end of the campus. You’ll need to first pick up your key in building Stepheneum, then cross the main road within the campus over a footbridge to arrive at dorm Iosephinum. Signs will help you to find your way.

The dorm has double rooms, with every two adjacent rooms sharing a bathroom. Each of the two rooms have direct access to the bathroom. There will be bed linen/sheets in your room, and you will receive a small towel. If you need a large towel, make sure you bring your own.

In the dorm there is a kitchen (shared) on every floor. Facilities you will find in the kitchen: fridge, stove and microwave. We will provide a limited number of plastic plates, cutlery and glasses for you, but of course you may want to bring your own.

If you want to use your laptop, you will need to bring a cable with yourself to use internet in your room. At the conference venue itself, there is free wifi access.

6. Medical care

Dr. Trznádel Gábor MD office hours:

Monday 12pm – 4pm
Tuesday 7.30am- 11.30pm
Wednesday 2pm -6pm
Thursday 7:30am- 11:30am
Friday 7:30am – 11:30am; 12pm – 4pm depends on the week (even/odd number weeks)

Phone: +36 – 26 375290 / extension 13

Phone number (outside of office hours): +36 – 26 375290 / extension: 13-18

Pharmacy shops:

Salva Pharmacy

Address: 22 Fő út

Opening hours: Weekdays 7am-6pm, Saturday 7.30am-12.30pm

Szent Laszlo Pharmacy

Address:  49 Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca

Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 7.30am-6pm, Monday, Friday: 7.30am-5.30pm, Saturday 8am-12pm

7. Internet Access and Printing/Copying

If you want to use your laptop, you will need to bring a cable with yourself to use internet in your room.  Besides, there is free internet access (wi-fi) at the main venue that you’ll be able to use (with your own laptop) (which is 2 minutes from the dorm).

Some printing and copying services are available at the University in the main building (Stephaneum) where the Conference is going to take place (cca. 10 HUF/page).

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